Lounge room skirting boards

The skirting boards that used to be around the lounge room (and the rest of downstairs) were quite narrow and cheap-looking. We wanted something a bit more lush going forward, and came up with a taller board with a simple, elegant angle on top.

Modern skirting seems to be made out of MDF. Which just doesn’t seem hard enough for something that’s going to be banged into. We saved some of the old hardwood floorboards from the lounge to get turned into new skirting.

We had to remove the old varnish and trim off the tongue and groove. Some of the boards were warped, so across all seven 135mm pieces we had we were able to salvage a final height of 100mm. We did a tester board first, cutting the angle at the top with the plane in increments and then setting it against the wall to see how it looked. We settled on a 30mm deep angle and made up a jig for the plane to make sure they were all consistent.

The floor is not perfectly flat, particularly where the slate tiles are, so we put some effort into preferentially shaving bits off the bottom of the boards to reduce any gaps between the board and the floor. Some gaps remain, but we will fill those later.

We’ve left them raw¬†for now; we’re waiting another 5 weeks for the floor finish to harden before painting (walls and skirting) and affixing the boards.