A blackbutt floor

Our floor guy spent four days doing the lounge room floor. Day 1 was a lot of laying out of lines and the addition of some shims to even up the wonky subfloor. About 1 metre of it was done by the end of the day.

Each board is screwed into the joist with long screws that have a small square-drive head. No glue or nails and, should someone wish it in the future, it will come back up again without too much fuss. One of the things we learned when we pulled up the last set of boards was that the below-surface nails are terribly hard to get out, and the boards can be ruined while trying to retrieve them. That doesn’t help anyone.

Day 2 and day 3 were spent filling in the rest of the boards. Day 4 was dedicated to sanding.

One of the guys we had in to quote assured us he could do it in a day, and gave a pretty cheap price. He would really have to have slapped those boards down to get it done in that time. We’re glad we went with someone a little more measured.

Lovely! Just what we were after.