Prepping for dirt sifting

We’re going to use the end of the driveway as our staging area to prep the dirt going into the rammed earth wall. It needs a bit of attention, though. We want to have the prep area right up against the wall to the right to give space to turn the cars around. So that weedy scree needs to come out and the level squared up.

There was way more dirt in there than expected, but a couple of hours with fork, shovel and wheelbarrow got it neatened up.

Then it was time to make the dirt-measuring box. We need about a cubic metre for our first little wall, so it makes sense to make a 1 cubic metre box. It will have a moveable sliding piece in it that will let us divide the internal area into half-half or one-third-two-thirds or other proportions.

We had some plywood lying around from an aborted furniture project, so we put it to use, routing channels in the right spots so that it slots together and then flat-packs away when we’re not using it.

Great! Now to start sifting.