Finishing the cherry tree circle

The cherry tree up on the hill has been almost finished for ages now. With walls built and the hedge planted, all it needed was to get some retic and receive a layer of mulch to complete. But it wasn’t long before some self-seeded poppies popped up, so it got left as it was and we had some flowers in there.

The summer’s killed off all those poppies and there was a nice new batch of mulch up at Menzies Creek so it looked like time to get it done.

Over the intervening months, and with me stepping on it while building the walls and planting the hedge, the ground around the tree had become as hard as rock. So the first step was to break it all up to let that soil breathe a little. That also got rid of the weeds that were growing there, and which are pretty much impossible to remove from the soil once it’s compacted.


All the big rocky bits were raked out. The big mess pile down on the orchard level is yielding some compost, so a whole bunch was dragged up to enrich the soil.

Two rings of dripper retic pipe were added to water the Armeria around the tree and the box hedge around the outside. The tree catches any water that falls in the summer and it gets quite dry here.


Then it was time to put the mulch on, and voila it’s done. Lovely!


That path there on the left is looking a bit tired. The mulch has broken down and compacted and a few weeds have taken root. Time to clean that up too.