East ender

S has been tending to the east end of the orchard level, digging and digging and digging.

Roughly dug out; the main grey water pipe is the black one, which is perforated under the weeds. The other pipe is just the washing machine.
Move it to the other side. S is making a spot for another tree. The downhill slope is quite steep, and the dug dirt just rolls down it finding its natural angle, so half a big pot embedded in the dirt will make a small flat spot to catch the water while we’re building up the mound.
Precision-engineering the interface between dirt and the mulch pit
Chickens are finding all sorts of tasty morsels as we spread out the weeds off the weed pile a few at a time.
Evening in the pit. It would be thoroughly enjoyable if it wasn’t heads down bums up!
S downs tools for the evening
Getting some mulch over the trees now the level is right on the uphill side.