Big logs and pumpkin patches

As it fell, the big log that used to be the main trunk of the tree that died was kind of in the way. It was also perched a bit precariously on a fairly steep bit of the hill.

Good ideas were had; a small shelf could be dug out on a relatively less-steep bit of hill, the log rested on the shelf and a fairly decent patch made to put in the pumpkins.

A couple of hours with the mattock saw the shelf dug out about a metre above the log’s natural resting place. Proceeded to try to lever the log up the hill with the big crowbar. Was going about 2cm per lever before having to chock it with a stake to stop it rolling back down again. And heavy. By golly is that thing heavy. Then remembered the $12 winch (thanks Richard).


Then pile some compost behind it. Our organic gardening book says that pumpkins like nothing better than to grow in a pile of compost. Carl has been dumping his grass clippings next to the wood pile for god knows how long, and the bottom of it isn’t too bad.


Gave it some wetting and forking and it’s coming good.

Then, time for the other log to join its mate up the hill.


And, put a big rock in the V. We can pile some dirt against it and make a home for some flopsy plants.


That all sounds quite easy, right?

Well, the straps broke trying to get one of the logs up there. We went through 3 garden stakes as the uphill stable point before we got out a star picket to serve that purpose. And how did that rock get there? Magic? No, it was heaved up the hill from down on the driveway. It disturbed some of those nasty jumpy-biting ants on the way up, and they had to be dealt with. And there was no purchase on the downhill to make a footing to heave the rock. So kept slipping down the hill hoping the rock wouldn’t roll down.

And the compost, spare me. The little garden cart Shelley gave me for my Birthday 2 years ago just doesn’t work on a sloping block. It falls over sideways all the time. And comes to pieces. And rolls back down the hill if you stop holding on to it.

So future posts will feature a spanking new wheelbarrow.