Spring flowers

The Van cherry over by the letterbox is making some blossoms. I wonder if it will make some cherries this year?

And if you squint hard enough and keep your focus narrow, you can almost convince yourself that you’re about to ascend into a lovely meadow.


And, a couple of weeks later …

Little grape vine gets first tiny bunch of grapes. Grow some leaves first!
Mexican puff-ball (Ageratum corymbosum) starts bursting out mid-October
More tulips, and poppies almost ready to bloom

By early November the gerberas have started to bloom. Last year’s leaves were in awful condition, being favourite food for snails. This year we’ve gone on a ruthless snail removal campaign and the new leaves haven’t been attacked yet.

Yellow gerberas. The leaves got trashed by snails.
Yellow gerberas. The leaves got trashed by snails.

The fuchsias are starting to pop out, too, in early November.


The foliage around the bird bath is starting to actually look like a garden. Tulips all finished.



By the second week of November, the canterbury bells have bloomed.


The Love-in-the-mist self-seeded around the elm, and starts flowering around the same time.