Begone old heater!

We’ve been wanting to get rid of the old heater near the stairs for a while. It sticks out from the wall as you go past and makes the whole going down the stairs experience cramped and uncomfortable. It also only heats a small patch under the kitchen table when it is on. We only used it a few times last winter.

There it is, lurking in the background.


Hard rubbish time is a good time to get rid of stuff like this, so we called in the gas fitter and had the connection severed, then ripped that puppy off the wall.

Having the wall open was a good opportunity to install my wired gigabit network. The study is upstairs and the phone line is downstairs, and I was running everything (including the web server) off the wireless. The signal struggled a bit getting around all the corners between the kitchen and the study.

Rather conveniently, the flu from the heater went straight past the outside of the study. So a hole was put in the study wall, the insulation moved out of the way, and another hole drilled into the side of the flu. The network cable went down the flu and emerged into the bit of wall opened by the removal of the heater. The gas connection from the heater came up from under the house, so the cable just went straight through the existing gas pipe hole in the floor. Then around under the joists and back up into the cavity behind the oven and clicked into the router. A new switch and a wall socket for the study lets everything get plugged in.


Gigabit network! Files fly between computers! M gets a happiness level up!

Then, a bit of plasterboard goes into the gap in the wall where the heater was, and S set-to with the putty and paint.

S is going to turn this into a gallery wall.