Hard rubbish goodness

Hard rubbish day is swiftly approaching, and all the junk is out on the street. We cleared a bunch of stuff out of from under the house; mostly stuff Carl had left behind in the garden (old bits of guttering and roofing and PVC pipe).

The rubbish attracts the scroungers: even on a quiet street like ours there were frequent cases of scavengers with loaded-up utes blocking the road while they rummaged.

We got two good bits from our neighbours: Keith and Jo’s old front door will do perfectly as an entrance to the chicken run – I was looking for one on eBay just the day before theirs appeared on the verge. Perfect!



Also of high value was a mirror-door from someone’s built-in robes. The mirror was cracked in one corner, but it was giant, so we just removed the framework, chopped off the offending bit with the glass cutter, then stuck it to the wall. S achieves a happiness level up! Time for dress ups!