Dirt sifting

With our dirt measuring box ready, we can sift dirt for our rammed earth wall.

We took the seedling table, which has a strong 10mm wire mesh as its main surface, and overlaid 5mm mesh wire. It was positioned below our quarrying pile. A tarp was put down so that if it started to rain we could cover up all our nice dirt and stop it from getting too wet. Then the dirt was thrown off the pile onto the table and pushed through the mesh by hand. The too-big stuff went into the wheelbarrow and down the hill to the orchard level.

The sifting goes at about 0.15 cubic metre per hour, so it was about 5 hours to get 0.7 cubic metres of soil prepared. Then it was off to the hardware to get some sand and like that the soil was ready for mixing and ramming.

Now what to do about that cement mixer?