Western screen progress

Some time ago we dug up the grass along the western fenceline and planted buddleias as a screen. A little more than a year on, and we have a thriving bushy spot which is just lovely to be in.

The tags on these plants said they were a dwarf variety (which I failed to notice when purchasing), and I was afraid they wouldn’t do the job they were put there to do. No fear, even dwarves grow tall around here!

Mini bathroom reno

The ensuite bathroom is starting to look pretty tired after four years. The paint is peeling from the roof and there’s mould in the corners. S decided enough was enough.

We pulled the fan and light assembly out of the ceiling, took the wall light down and removed the little mirror.

The walls and ceiling got a fresh coat of paint. That fan got a good scrub. The window, which was sticking to the frame due to too many coats of paint, was removed, sanded back and repainted.

We put up a new mirror that covers the entire wall, and an LED light above it to replace the old shell-shaped glass and brass one. Much better!

Interlude: school tidy up

Back during the big blow in October, a tree near R’s classroom split in half. It’s on council land, and council’s response was to blow past and put a fence around the fallen branches. It’s stayed that way for a couple of months, so it was time something was done.

A couple of weekends were spent dismantling the branches and transporting the bits back home to be dealt with.

All those little twigs cut with the shears, it’s motivating me to get a proper mulcher.