The last treated pine post

I was going to cut off the last treated pine post on the orchard level, after experiencing the depth of concrete the installer of posts around here seemed to think was necessary. But, with a little time the shovel fatigue fades, and I thought I’d give a crack at digging it out.

Epic, as always.


The hole will be filled with compost and a tree planted to the right of this picture. I wonder if that will make the tree grow in a particular direction, having access to lots of nutrients and loose soil on one side?

Mulching the mulch pit

By the beginning of this month it was clear that we’ve got all the mulch we’re going to get out of the junk pile on the old trampoline base. What’s left is all lovely compost that we’ll spread around for growing goodness.

With no more “messy” mulch sourced on-site, we can go about filling the mulch pit with “good” mulch sourced from the local drop-off spot.

This lot is 3 ute loads, or around 90 tubs, all carried by hand from the driveway. It’s a bit hard to see, but it extends to the second apple tree on the left. Still lots to go!


In the meantime, a bit of digging also has to happen, to bring the path that goes through the trampoline base down to the level of the other side.