Still removing treated pine

It seems like the treated pine around here is never ending. Although getting rid of it means actually getting rid of it, instead of just looking at it and thinking “damn treated pine”.

The weather has been a mix of a few pleasant days followed by a few super-hot days. We don’t get much done on those hot days, and the pleasant days have been spent pulling up weeds, which grow like, er, weeds over late spring. Also December is bark apocalypse time, where the big mountain ash trees shrug off their old skins.

Anyway, in the interest of actually getting rid of some treated pine, this morning was dedicated to digging up one of the poles that used to hold the old sand pit together.

As usual, Carl has decided that a half-metre on the side box of concrete is adequate to keep that epic amount of sand in place, buried half a metre down. Honestly, it’s a sandpit, not the Taj Mahal.


I’m going to have to cut that sucker out.

Oh, and it makes sense to fill the hole full of rocks, too, because I dunno, reasons. Not to worry, we love unearthing rocks and putting them to good use.


My civil engineering lecturer was a straight-talking man. He said “any idiot can over-engineer something”. And there you have it. All this concrete is utterly unnecessary. Once the sides go on the box, the tensile strength of the wood would have kept┬áthe whole thing together. Sigh. There are another five more to do after this one.