Meadow shrubs

A little while ago I saw a plant I liked at the George Tindale gardens plant sale. I picked it up and planted it above the cherry tree. I’d never seen anything like it and thought it was pretty special until I saw a whole bunch of them at the Kallista market. They don’t have tags so I still don’t know what they’re called.

(Update: they’re Plectranthus argentatus or silver spurflower. They’re native to Queensland and thankfully do grow into a ~1.5m shrub as expected)

Anyhow, they’ll grow up in front of the bay laurels and improve the screening. The bay trees are a little slow.

Interesting silver leaves that go green when wet. The little guy to the right came from George Tindale, is half as big and cost twice as much. C’est la vie!

While I was up there I was trying to encourage R to come and and join in. It was cold, but sunny. Sure enough, out he comes – with a camping chair and a book! He sets up on the driveway and spends an hour reading. “I didn’t mean – Oh, never mind.”



The level just below the silver shrubs was also cleaned up of weeds, and four fuchsia-like plants were put in.

The little dichroa versicolour is at the bottom. Next to that out of shot is an oak leaf hydrangea that goes a deep red colour in autumn.

Then there were the Erica melanthera. These little shrubs are covered in pink winter flowers that rattle when you brush them. Nice! According to the label they should grow just above the height of the big log there. Of course, we tend not to heed the labels too much these days, ever since the native rosemaries that were only supposed to grow to 1.5m pushed past the 2.5m mark and kept going.