Chicken coop roof

With the floor on the chicken coop done, we can put the roof on. We had various bits of corrugated iron (or, as R would say, complicated iron) lying around, some scavenged from the block and some from uphill Dave when they were moving out.

The old stuff is a bit rusty and holey, but it will do. Having all the materials to hand makes the job easy, and it was finished in a couple of hours, including cleaning and cutting the iron.



We’ll finish it off with a ridge piece, but we’ll have to buy that.

At some point we’ll put some wood on either end to finish it off and conceal the mechanics of the battens, but for the moment the focus is getting it to lock-up stage. The far (downhill-facing) end will come first, a combo of ply and spare weatherboards. Then the nesting boxes and the remainder of the near end.

Interlude: R’s first snow

There was a little bit of snow this year, so now we have a car that goes places we thought it a good idea to take a moment off and enjoy the serenity.

Off to Mount Baw Baw we went, up the very long windy road.

An exhausting day tobogganing, throwing snowballs, snacking and snowman building.

There were lots of carrots lying around for snowman building


Lunch was sandwiches, constructed on the ute’s tray door. We just jumped off the edge of the car park into the bush.


Thanks to Jo for lending us some snow goggles


S also did a bit of tobogganing on her own


Gunn’s famous Norwegian phrase “opp a ned, opp a ned, alle hele dagen” makes more sense now (“up and down, up and down, the whole day”)


Barely contained going in the front gate.

A little movie of R doing his stuff (click to view, 8.5MB):

Snow time

Job done: chicken coop floor

There’s a new shady spot in the garden under that coop.

Can you see the ramp going down at an angle? We’ll cut a hole in the floor for the chickens to get in.


It’s a beautiful thing. Too bad it’s for mucky ol’ chickens, eh?



That just leaves the end cladding, the nesting boxes, the roof and the door to the run left to complete.

Some new rocks for the roadside

The guys doing the underground power hit a few rocks while they were digging. I mentioned being a fan of big rocks and they offered to dump any nice ones they found next to our place.

So we’ve got some new rocks by the roadside …


And some new steps.


Can’t wait until nobody is driving into the garden anymore.

Cherry tree nearly there

The great cherry tree digging episode is nearly complete. Luckily the roots go out sideways instead of straight down. Fingers crossed it survives transplanting. We’ll need to chop a few of these roots short to fit it into its new hole.


Chicken ramp

We were going to have the ramp for the chickens extend out of the front of the chicken coop down to the ground. The ground slopes down quite steeply, though, which would make the ramp either very long or unduly steep.

There’s a bit of extra space on the shelf we made under the chicken coop, and a brainwave was had to have the ramp come up through the floor inside the coop, with a main bearer resting on the edge of the shelf.

There were a few bits of curtain rail left over from the roosts, which will make good rungs for a ladder. Here they are being fixed in place.


A floor for the chicken coop

Things were a bit slow with the only available transport being our own six legs. Now we have the ute, we’re back in business and the main mission now is to complete the chicken coop for spring chickens. The floor has to go in before the roof can go on, so that’s next on the priority list.