We’ve talked about getting rid of piles of bark from the garden, but never shown what we do with it. So here it is. In the winter, we can put a little bundle of twigs and one of these bark bundles in the fire, and it starts first time every time.



That nice big ball of jute twine was particularly difficult to get. The shops only seemed to carry the 50m versions, which wasn’t going to be enough. And they’re charging $3 for it. You can get bigger rolls of twine online, but they all seem to come from these crafting web sites who want to charge an arm and a leg for it. You know, because it’s for craft. We ended up finding a lady on gumtree selling these 600m balls for $6.

We pop the bark on the plastic bag and roll it up like sushi.

Interlude: monte carlos

So Berna reckons her monte carlo biscuits are the best ever, and you can’t let a call like that go, so recipe was procured, biscuits made, and what do you know: she was right!

Yum! Yuuuuummmm! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm!

R helped with the mixing and the rolling. We had the little grid there in an attempt to get uniform sizing …




We made one modification: we didn’t put the milk in the cream. Instead, we mixed in two big teaspoons of raspberry jam, which gave the cream the extra give it needed to spread and stick the two halves together.

Monte Carlos

More patching gaps

The last vermin-admitting gaps in the chicken coop are between the floor beams and the A-frames. The flooring will go on top of the beams, leaving a 90mm gap (only visible from below, but that’s vermin eye level!). So we plug those. Also, on the nesting box end we put some uprights in that we’ll attach the end-cladding onto – since the gap in the middle will remain for the chickens to get in and out of the nesting boxes.

We’ll probably use up the rest of the litre of linseed oil priming these bits up for the weather.

A grand entrance

I put the citrus I got for my birthday at the entrance to the chicken run.

There’ll be a little brick landing, and a couple of steps down, and fruit hanging at the side with some little flowers.

Must get the wire in and paint the rest of the doorframe.