Neatening up near the stairs

Quite a bit of energy has gone into weeding over the last few weeks. November was one of the wettest on record, and the plants have all gone nuts. Unfortunately, with the abuse the earth has received over the last 20 years those plants are almost all weeds.

It hasn’t all been digging out the nasties, though. Some rocks were retrieved from the bottom of the garden to start building a little dry stone wall next to the meadow steps. This should keep the water in and stop the dirt from running down onto the steps every time it rains!


The strawberries by the steps are flowering and should start producing fruit soon.


The rhododendron at the right was further down the garden; it had disappeared under another leafy green bush. Hopefully here it will reach it’s full potential. The flowers are are dark pink on this one.

A little bit distracted


It’s been a while since the last post, but we have an excuse! Lots of social engagements pre-Christmas, and every weekend has been full of hanging out and repartee.

M also quit work to look into a new venture. It’s all very exciting!