Moving the sand pit

So the Melbourne Cup long weekend was mostly spent moving wood around. SP Ausnet came by and cut down a nice blackwood tree down at Rosie and Greg’s, and Rosie said we could have the wood. It took about 10 trips up and down the road …

By day 4 of the long long weekend we were having a bit of a rest and just surveying the scene. We agreed that the sand pit was a blight on the landscape, with its green shade cloth and dominating treated pine poles. Here’s how it was in 2012 just before we bought the house.


Check out how they’ve used the grass clippings to cunningly conceal the fact that most of the ground in the foreground is actually just dirt.

Anyway, moving right along. So you can’t take away a 4 year old boy’s sand pit; that would be cruel. It would be much better to have it up near the house, and in a spot where mums can sit nearby and have a beverage. Not mucking around; started digging up the grass up by the house:


The shade cloth and the poles came down with the big hammer and the chainsaw respectively. Managed to chainsaw through the middle of a giant bolt and not notice until the pole fell … Looks like a trip back to the chainsaw shop for a good sharpening.

The next couple of weekends were spent carting the sand up the hill, one bucket at a time. Broke the handle on the big carting tub; had to get another and all they had left was pink.

Some logs around the edge keep it all in. The logs are wired together – once the sand is in they’ll form a sturdy boundary without having to bury them or use any concrete.


Chopped up an old pipe with the angle grinder to make an umbrella holder. Cracked the handle of the log splitter banging it in.

And finally, well after carting buckets of sand got very tedious, it’s ready to receive some digging implements.