A couple of new trees

The blooms are leaves are starting to come out on the deciduous trees, so it’s getting to the end of the time where we can buy bare-rooted trees. A cherry went in over by the letterbox, and a chestnut was planted by R above the fish pond (so its leaves will spread over the pond and give some shade to the little fishies).




The last slippery bit

We put in the log steps up to the road ages ago. There was always this spot at the top, though, where the steps ran out and there was all of 1m of naked hillside remaining. There were intentions of making a stone path entrance to the steps, but it always got pushed down the priority list.


Last week I was coming off the road in the dark and the rain, stepping carefully, and yet still I slipped and fell flat on my bum. It’s not even steep. Damned clay! So this job got advanced up the list, and now here’s the promised path.


Some of the rocks (which are far bigger than they look, I can assure you) were dragged up from the garden bed down there near the house, which has been cleared of its old plants and the dirt turned. The little wall that will support the deck we’re going to have near the house will run straight through this bed, so we’re not terribly interested in filling it with plants for the long term. We’ll use it as a bit of a nursery until we’re ready to put the deck in.


Wood chopped

Some things you put up with, even though they’re irritating as all hell. The winter’s rolling on and the wood pile is gradually depleting. It seemed like it was getting small enough to take care of once and for all.

A good 4 hours with a block splitter and huzzah! Goodbye blue tarp! Yay!


Now the compost heap needs to be moved up the hill, and the corrugated iron banished.