Third tree spiral

Finally, it’s all planted up.


In this tree spiral and the patch by the road there are 250 Ixia, 250 Tritonia, about 10 Belladonna, 600 Everlastings, countless Poppies, about 20 Nasturtiums, a zillion Canterbury Bells, quite a few Cosmos and about 100 Hollyhocks.

The observant will see the two rocks that mark the place where the trees are going, to be planted bare-rooted in winter.

Can’t wait until they all start popping up. The seeds around the first tree spiral are starting to sprout. Fingers crossed against the snails, rabbits and possums. There was something digging in there last night …

There’s a little patch left, between the third tree spiral and the path to the letter box. We’ll put a couple of small terraces uphill of the path, like the one further up the hill, and line it with food plants for picking. Then probably one more little terrace should complete this section for the moment.


For our first spring we’ll be happy to have a lot of flowers here. Later on we’ll put some more permanent, slow growing plants in that won’t require maintenance.