Bit of clean up

We’ve been dumping little rocks in the fish pond. Now that we know what we’re going to do with them, we can dump them next to the path instead and get that fish pond sorted.

Nice and clean, ready to accept a bit of concrete.


And the big mountain ash certainly produces a lot of bark…


Big rock yields

The big rock yielded to the winch. It took a couple of hours to drag the thing across the hillside and position it like a tooth in its socket, but worth the effort.




First sunflower

What with the heat, we didn’t get as many sunflowers in on the hills as we’d have liked, but they’ll still look great when they’re all blooming. This one’s early; the rest are starting to pop out.


Ledgy bits

All that scrubby pointy grass is going … The path makes for an easy access point, and we’re extending away from the edges, making water-catching ledgy bits. We’ll put food plants along here so that we can get to them easily. The rest of the hill can be a more generic mix of flowers and trees and what-not.


The dirt, now it’s got a bit of moisture in it, is nice to work with. R knew that this wheelbarrow load full was just going to get tipped out, but he couldn’t help smoothing it out and getting his hands in there.



You can’t have a transformational weekend every weekend. It was hard rubbish collection this weekend, so it was tidy up time. Carl and Anita left a whole bunch of stuff around that they probably thought we might want. Out it went to the pile at the bottom of the road; the rubbish truck won’t come up to the top of the hill.

S got into ripping up the last of the moving boxes (for going into the fire), then collected and organised the kindling.

M weeded the roadside and swathes of the uphill garden (can just about call it a garden now), moved a bit of dirt around, tried to fix the pump (no good, the controller is not happy, but the pump works well enough) and planted some lettuces in the old garden cart. There’s enough dirt up on the path now that we can put some rocks down; S will get onto that.

With the rain during the week a little bit of green has reappeared on the hillside.


A tree fell down from uphill Dave’s, across the bottom corner of ours and down into Shona and Brian’s place. Apparently this happened on Thursday night about dinner time. We were all around, but nobody heard anything. First we knew of it was Shona calling Dave to get him to chop it up, because the fence was down and their dog was going to get out. So, a bit of fencing went on, too.

Enormous sunflower

We’re getting one sunflower coming out on the hill. Down at the bottom of the road, Robyn and Ross’s sunflowers have just finished. Ross reckoned the tallest one came in at 3.1m. Rohan and I went down for a wander and grabbed one off them.



With this many seeds, we don’t know whether to save them for planting next spring or eat them.


Update: hoax! All the seeds are empty. So big and showy but nothing to show for it in the end. Robyn says she just got a packet of seeds from the nursery. Now I’m definitely never buying anything except heritage seeds. Who cares if your sunflower is 3m high if you can’t make another one?

Paving begins

Finally, a bit of paving. The hillside dug out and flattened, it was time to put in some boundary-marking sleepers and get onto it. Downhill Dave was waiting with bags of leaves to add to the compost pile that is going here.



I moved a couple of plants from up the hill down here, to put in the gap between the paving and the fence. Then tried it with some sunflowers and pumpkins, but they’re too big now in the nursery and they won’t transplant without dying. Some wild and wooly weather has peppered the whole area with leaves and bark and twigs.

Bonus point: the flat area catches logs ditched down from above, and stops them from rolling pell-mell all the way to the bottom of the garden.