Vege patch

The first spot of vegies. The grand plan calls for filling this area, but by that time a proper-sized patch will be planted on the other side of the house. Maybe. It’s good sun in this bit.


Ripped out the PVC pipe that was running through here. It was obviously there to direct water past the house as it goes down the hill, but the end of the pipe directed the runoff at the posts of the deck. Anyway, other works up the hill and some levelling out will take care of that.


Measuring out the levels

The bits of yellow twine tacked into the trees show the level of the deck. The idea is to have a wall at the right, where the vertical line is, which lines up with the front of the house and is at the level of the lower split-level. The vegie patch goes to the right of that, and the chickens and the firewood pile to the left, on the down side of the hill. Stairs inserted directly forward of here down to the lower earth level. The lower earth level is at the base of that skinny tree, which is also pretty close to the level of the big mountain ash to the left.


Rohan likes to see if he can pat the tails of the king parrots and the crimson rosellas that come to visit. One was on that left star picket and he went down to pat it … but the hill is precipitous and I found him flat out slipping down the hill, crying and hanging on to a rock for dear life with one hand. If ever a boy needed Skippy that was the time.