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Screen selected

This purple-flowered plant self-seeded up at the top of the meadow steps.


There are a bunch of these guys up the hill at the bus stop, serving as a good, dense screen to stop people falling down the embankment.

I had just rushed out here to take a picture because I’d seen a Macleay’s swallowtail sucking on its nectar, and wanted to get a better photograph. It flew away before I got there though. Got a honey bee instead.

We need a screen along the western fence line, so the neighbours can’t see into R’s room from their verandah, and we can’t see their garage from our windows. This plant grows nice and fast and thick, so it will do the job.

Update: gotcha.


White thyme

I always thought of thyme as a rather scraggly little bush, but apparently there are a lot of carpet varieties. This white thyme is making a very pleasant carpet over by the wood hutch – we’ll spread it around a bit more.