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Blow in

Where do these things come from? This plant just popped up in the 1cm of dirt between the brick paving and the side of the house under the clothes line. It’s Lunaria annua or annual honesty. The oval or round seed pods with the spike on the end apparently turn translucent later on, and they get used in flower arrangements.


We’ll save the pods and grow more!

Wasn’t expecting that

Tidying up a few weeds and … of course, a yabbie.


He’s tiny, as you can see from the clover leaf there on the right, but really, where did he come from? Aren’t they supposed to be water creatures?

And can I get excited and file this one under “Food forest”? Yes, I think I will. Tasty, tasty little creatures they are.

Interesting construction

This geodesic structure was built for a festival in Roskilde. It’s made completely out of ply and uses the soccer ball / buckyball 60-node hexagon/pentagon configuration. All the pieces are identical, and were CNC-machined. Construction was completed in 8 days.

Ply geodesic


There’s a video on YouTube showing the construction.