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Third Christmas

Christmas is upon us once more, and it’s time to get another conifer destined for the garden and go all bling in the lounge room.

This year’s tree is a Golden Deodar Cedar once more from the Conifer Nursery in Sassafras.

R and S get to decorating the tree. M punched holes in the gold cardboard for the lights to shine through
R and S get to decorating the tree. M punched holes in the gold cardboard for the lights to shine through

The big trees are quite expensive, and they’d be hard to justify if they weren’t going into the garden afterwards. The little Picea Glauca conica trees that are all over this time of year are too small to be a real Christmas tree, and the rarely-seen big ones are way too expensive. They do make a very nice, dense conical shape though, so ideas were had to raise little ones in pots to use in future years. Not to waste them, we’ve set them up as a little Christmas forest after spray-painting their pots gold (much to R’s delight). It will take about 5 good years for the big one on the right to grow enough to use.

Golden Cedar. It looked more yellow at the shop, and has turned greener in the week or so it sat outside waiting to come in.

The journey to Christmas goodness isn’t without its bumps, though. One kind of expects the price of piceas to go up at this time of year, but in some cases it’s a bit ridiculous.

250% Christmas surcharge. Good one Garden Express.
250% Christmas surcharge. Good one Garden Express.

Maybe we should ask for one without the $15 “Merry Christmas” tag.

Interlude: R’s first snow

There was a little bit of snow this year, so now we have a car that goes places we thought it a good idea to take a moment off and enjoy the serenity.

Off to Mount Baw Baw we went, up the very long windy road.

An exhausting day tobogganing, throwing snowballs, snacking and snowman building.

There were lots of carrots lying around for snowman building


Lunch was sandwiches, constructed on the ute’s tray door. We just jumped off the edge of the car park into the bush.


Thanks to Jo for lending us some snow goggles


S also did a bit of tobogganing on her own


Gunn’s famous Norwegian phrase “opp a ned, opp a ned, alle hele dagen” makes more sense now (“up and down, up and down, the whole day”)


Barely contained going in the front gate.

A little movie of R doing his stuff (click to view, 8.5MB):

Snow time

Interlude: monte carlos

So Berna reckons her monte carlo biscuits are the best ever, and you can’t let a call like that go, so recipe was procured, biscuits made, and what do you know: she was right!

Yum! Yuuuuummmm! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm!

R helped with the mixing and the rolling. We had the little grid there in an attempt to get uniform sizing …




We made one modification: we didn’t put the milk in the cream. Instead, we mixed in two big teaspoons of raspberry jam, which gave the cream the extra give it needed to spread and stick the two halves together.

Monte Carlos